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6 Week Shadow Work Program

Unearth your shadows, dismantle barriers holding you back, embrace a more fulfilled life.

  • 1 h 15 min
  • Gaia Wellness Clinic

Service Description

Are you ready to close old chapters, step into your power and live from your most authentic self? Join Billie on a transformative journey into Shadow Work designed to liberate you from internal conflicts and limiting beliefs. Through 6 intimate one-hour sessions, you'll embark on a journey towards the life you've always envisioned, embracing your inherent power from the outset. Delve into the depths of your shadow, unlocking the potential of your superconscious mind, and creating quantum shifts in both your life and relationships. It's time to step into your fullest expression of self. This empowering journey is more than just self-discovery; it’s about intentionally shaping a life rich with purpose, abundance, health, wealth, and vitality. • Receive a personalized plan to support you in breaking free from the shackles of the past and liberating yourself from old wounds. • Gain insights into the complexities of your shadow and the workings of your unconscious mind, embarking on a journey of self-love while nurturing supportive relationships and fulfilling creative passions. • Break free from emotional patterns and embrace a life you truly love – one overflowing with empowerment and endless possibilities. Join me for a dynamic journey of self-discovery, empowerment and purpose, enriched with love, abundance, and meaningful connections. Whether you're tackling a specific issue or pursuing a long-term goal, this coaching process will inform, empower, and inspire you to: - Discover your life purpose and map out a path to achieve it. - Resolve persistent challenges in areas such as finances, health, relationships, or career. - Take consistent, accountable action each week. - Harness the power of your unconscious mind as an ally. - Implement a supportive structure for guaranteed success. Tailored to your pace,this program offers 6 private sessions that begin when you're ready to delve deep into your shadows. Each session is designed to guide you through uncovering and integrating your unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs. You'll receive personalized homework assignments between sessions to deepen your understanding and facilitate growth. In addition to the private sessions, you'll have access to curated resources such as journal prompts, guided meditations, and recommended readings to support your journey of self-exploration and healing.

Contact Details

  • 32 Rideaucrest Dr, Nepean, ON K2G 6A4, Canada


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