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Channeled Reading & Soul Retrieval

Promotes feeling secure, living in your power, speaking truth, finding passion, and gentle healing.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 361.60 Canadian dollars
  • Gaia Wellness Clinic|Harmony PEC Retreat

Service Description

Channeled Reading A channeled reading is a profound and intimate experience where Billie will connect with higher spiritual realms to receive messages tailored specifically for you. In this sacred space, Billie serves as a conduit, allowing divine wisdom, spirit guides, and other ethereal beings to communicate guidance, insights, and healing directly to you. These messages often shed light on your current life path, relationships, and spiritual growth, providing clarity and direction. The reading is deeply personal and transformative, offering you the chance to understand your soul’s journey and the lessons you are here to learn. Soul Retrieval Soul retrieval is a powerful shamanic healing practice that addresses the fragmentation of your soul caused by trauma, loss, or challenging life experiences. When we go through significant emotional pain or trauma, parts of our soul can become disconnected or lost as a means of self-preservation. In a soul retrieval session, Billie journey's into the spiritual realms to locate and recover these lost fragments, bringing them back to you with love and compassion. Soul retrieval can help you reclaim lost aspects of yourself, fostering a deeper sense of inner peace, wholeness, and empowerment. It is an invitation to heal old wounds and embrace your authentic self, stepping into a life of greater joy and purpose. These sessions offer a unique and transformative path to self-discove Please note, while sessions can be life-changing, results vary. Privacy and uninterrupted time are needed for the 90-minute session. $320/90 min. Plus Tax

Contact Details

  • 32 Rideaucrest Dr, Nepean, ON K2G 6A4, Canada


  • 3672 County Road 8, Prince Edward, ON, Canada


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