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Private Trauma Informed Medicine Journey

Available Online

Through clear intention and ceremony Billie can guide you on a transformational journey within.

  • 4 hours
  • Gaia Wellness Clinic|Gaia Wellness Retreat

Service Description

Plant medicine’s can take us on a challenging and revelatory journey through to our heart and soul, enabling us to unblock long-held trauma, fear, hostility, anger, hatred, and pain. These medicines can also open a direct line of communication between our waking reality and a non-physical plane, allowing us to access wisdom from both within and without ourselves. To integrate the insights and healing from a medicine ceremony requires not only commitment, courage, and a genuine willingness to look deeply and lovingly at the darkest aspects of ourselves. We may also need experienced support from people who are trained in somatic trauma approaches and an environment of safety and support. Plant medicine’s such as psilocybin, connect neurotransmitters to heal the unconscious and conscious mind. Plant medicine can offer fresh perspectives on old habits and patterns. Addictions, trauma, and repressed memories may benefit from it. These medicines can help to rewire the brain, as well as provide profound insights, self-discovery, and spiritual/creative guidance. However these medicines are also mysterious, and each plant medicine journey is one into the unknown. It has the power to show us our shadow, the parts that we do not like, parts that we have pushed away, repressed memories and overwhelming suppressed emotions. When you decide to walk the path of sacred plant medicine, it is typically with the goal of experiencing profound spiritual, mental, and physical healing. Billie is a trauma-informed plant medicine guide as well as a trained integration coach who can help guide you through your experience in a judgement-free, safe and supportive setting. Contact Billie directly to inquire.

Contact Details

  • 32 Rideaucrest Dr, Nepean, ON K2G 6A4, Canada


  • 209 Chemin Usher, Alcove, QC, Canada


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