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Billie-Lynn Hillis 


Founder & Director of Gaia Wellness Retreats & Clinic

​Trauma Therapist | Shamanic Healer | Spiritual Teacher | Retreat Leader | 
Meditation Teacher | Reiki & Sound Healer 
Medicine Woman

Billie is a Shamanic Healer, Retreat Leader, and Medicine Woman at Lunita Jungle Retreat & Gaia Wellness Retreats, renowned for her decades of experience guiding transformative journeys. As the founder of Gaia Wellness Retreats, Billie has created a sanctuary where seekers discover profound healing and spiritual growth.


With a life story marked by overcoming early struggles with trauma, anxiety, and addiction, Billie found her path to healing through yoga, meditation, and spirituality. Her journey has equipped her with deep wisdom in Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki, and BioTuning therapies.


Billie is a seasoned practitioner of Compassionate Inquiry Therapy, Trauma-Informed Somatic Therapy, Shamanic Life Coaching, Shamanic Reiki Mastery, Psychedelic Guidance & Integration, and Insight Meditation. Her programs and trainings integrate diverse spiritual traditions, reflecting her studies with luminaries such as Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Dr. Gabor Mate, Sat Dharam Kaur, Atira Tan, and many others.


Her teachings honor Shamanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other spiritual paths. Her most profound teachers have been her children, her beloved Grandmother Tree, Spirit, and her Guides. Known for her authentic, compassionate approach, Billie seamlessly blends meditation with self-inquiry, applying ancient wisdom to modern life, nurturing holistic growth of the physical and spiritual self.


Billie serves as a bridge, connecting the physical and spiritual realms. With her unique abilities, she receives messages through sight, hearing, and feeling, often experiencing a profound connection with both the Earth and the Spirit World.


Billie’s decades of experience uniquely qualify her to teach others how to offer retreats and become plant medicine facilitators. Her comprehensive knowledge and genuine commitment to healing make her an inspiring mentor for those ready to embark on their journey of guiding and facilitating transformative experiences for others. 


She is known for her authentic, non-judgmental, and compassion-centered teaching, integrating meditation with self-inquiry therapies and applying ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way.


She encourages the growth of the physical and spiritual self, highlighting the interconnectedness to each other, the world, and the universe at large. Billie offers her experience and knowledge in hopes of inspiring others on their journey towards personal freedom.

"My experience with Billie has been extraordinarily transformative.

My educational background is rooted in an extensive ‘modern' western medical approach, so I was particularly skeptical coming into this method of healing.

My experience with Billie has not only been significant personally, but also professionally. I have been looking for ways to incorporate this true, authentic, and incredibly necessary form of healing into my own clinical practice and I have been recommending that my patients and colleagues do the same.

In particular, I have been recommending Billie.

Her extensive knowledge, passion and experience are also backed by a natural gift and a calling to be a healer. She has guided me through the turbulent process of repressed and unresolved trauma with compassion and genuine attentiveness.

Whether you are looking to resolve trauma or in search of personal growth, I highly recommend Billie as your healer and your guide through that process."

Billie's Qualifications

Compassionate Inquiry Therapist
Trauma Informed Somatic Therapist
Shamanic Reiki Master 
Integrated Energy Healer
Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Beyond Addictions Instructor
Sound Healer
Certified in Bio Tuning
Insight Meditation Teacher
Shamanic Life Coach
500 hr Registered Yoga Teacher
Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Guide
Integration Coach
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