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Private Trauma Informed Medicine Ceremony

Through clear intention and ceremony Billie can guide you on a transformational journey within. Process past trauma, unveil your true self, and inspire deep healing within your body, mind, and spirit.

Private Trauma Informed Medicine Ceremony
Private Trauma Informed Medicine Ceremony

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Western medicine has traditionally attempted to cure illness and dysfunction in the body by controlling or altering the external environment at the cell level.

This approach to healing may aid in the healing of the physical cells that comprise the human body, but it fails to promote growth and healing for the mind, soul, and spirit.

Plant medicine’s can take us on a challenging and revelatory journey through to our heart and soul, enabling us to unblock long-held trauma, fear, hostility, anger, hatred, and pain.

It is common to have visions and receive direct guidance from non-physical spiritual teachers.

These medicines can also open a direct line of communication between our waking reality and a non-physical plane, allowing us to access wisdom from both within and without ourselves.

To integrate the insights and healing from a medicine ceremony requires not only commitment, courage, and a genuine willingness to look deeply and lovingly at the darkest aspects of ourselves. We may also need experienced support from people who are trained in somatic trauma approaches and an environment of safety and support.

Plant medicine’s such as psilocybin, connect neurotransmitters to heal the unconscious and conscious mind. Plant medicine can offer fresh perspectives on old habits and patterns.

Addictions, trauma, and repressed memories may benefit from it. These medicines can help to rewire the brain, as well as provide profound insights, self-discovery, and spiritual/creative guidance.

However these medicines are also mysterious, and each plant medicine journey is one into the unknown. It has the power to show us our shadow, the parts that we do not like, parts that we have pushed away, repressed memories and overwhelming suppressed emotions.

When you decide to walk the path of sacred plant medicine, it is typically with the goal of experiencing profound spiritual, mental, and physical healing.


"At a time where I wanted to try something new to improve my mental and physical health as well as my relationship to myself and my family, I stumbled upon the description of one of Billie's plant medicine retreats and decided to register based on her training and experience.

It was one of the best decisions of my life and my expectations were widely surpassed. I rapidly felt a genuine connection with Billie. Her authenticity, generosity and capacity for listening, teaching and energy healing are astounding. Throughout the retreat, 

I felt supported, safe and, most importantly, loved.

I have since noticed in me a mental, emotional and spiritual shift I have never experienced before despite years of therapy. I am thankful for the new healing modalities Billie has introduced me to. The path I have glimpsed for myself doesn't look easy, but through the ups and downs, I have moments of hope and clarity, and feel blessed to know that Billie is there to support me."

Marjorie ~ Ottawa

Billie is a trauma-informed plant medicine guide as well as a trained integration coach who can help guide you through your experience in a judgement-free, safe and supportive setting.

Billie is trained and certified to serve Psilocybin and 5-MEO-DMT (Bufo) in her trauma informed medicine ceremonies.

Contact Billie directly to inquire.

613-203-4641 or

Cancellation Policy:

For retreats, trainings, ceremonies, and other services; we ask that you give us a minimum of 30 days or more advance notice in order for a full refund of the deposit to be issued minus a $25 admin fee. If notice of cancellation is received between 29 to 15 days in advance, a 50% refund of the deposit will be issued minus a $25 admin fee.

Final payment is due 14-days in advance - No Exceptions!

If notice of cancellation is received 14-days or less in advance, no refund of the deposit or final payment will be issued.

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