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Morning Prayer

Mother Earth, Father Creator, Inner Spirit, Great Spirit, I honour and thank you.

I honour the directions of East, South, West and North, thank you.

I honour the Sacred Elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, thank you.

I honour the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, thank you.

I honour my helping Spirit Allies And Guides.

I connect the heart of my being with the heart of the Earth and the heart of the Universe.

I gather up in love and release in love all energies that are rooted in fear, I release all energies that are draining me of life force and all energies that are lowering my vibration. I gently release these energies to the Great Mother asking that she transform this energy and offer it back to me in energy I need to serve the highest good of all.

I draw in and towards myself only energies rooted in love. I attract all energies I need to support creating, manifesting and living a life of my creation. May I attract only energies that support a life of abundance in health, wealth, love, happiness, freedom, joy, connection, community and unity.

As I cleanse my auric field I ask the energies of the four directions to keep my energy field protected from all harmful energies, allowing me to be a clear and pure channel of light and love.

May I carry the frequency of love in my heart and radiate it out to all beings.

I surrender to my Higher Self and I ask to be shown the way.

Thank you, thank you.

May it be so and so it is.


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