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Energy Protection

Energy protection is the art of being energetically aware. It is about managing your energy interactions with the surrounding world to ensure that your field stays clear and that you remained aligned with your purpose and authenticity, rather than being influenced by external energy sources.

Essentially, energy protection ensures that what’s ours is ours and what’s theirs is theirs.

Energy Protection Prayer

“I connect the heart of my being with the heart of the earth and the heart of the universe. I draw in only energies rooted in love or higher to cleanse and remove all energies that are draining my life force. I activate my auric shield to protect me from any energies that are not aligned with my highest good.”

Energy Protection Techniques

Ask yourself, “Is this symptom or emotion mine or someone else’s?”

A tip-off that you’re absorbing someone’s energy is to notice if you experience a sudden change of mood or physical state around that person. Most likely, if you didn’t feel anxious, depressed, exhausted, or sick before, the discomfort is at least partially coming from him or her.

If you move away and the discomfort dissipates, it is definitely not yours! Sometimes, though, the emotion or symptom may be both yours and another person’s. Feelings are catchy, especially if they relate to a hot button issue for you. You are more prone to take on the emotional or physical pain that you haven’t worked out in yourself. The more you heal issues that trigger you, the less likely you’ll be to absorb emotions from others.

Activate your Auric Sheild

Imagine yourself stepping into a large clear bubble (similar to life sized bubbles kids blow) and use the outer edge of that bubble as a shield. When you encounter negative or heavy energy that you don't want to absorb into your field, visualize activating the outer layer of the bubble as a shield and allow all energies that don't serve you to bounce off and be returned to Source.

Breathe and repeat this mantra to counter negative energy

When negativity strikes, immediately focus on your breath for a few minutes. Slowly and deeply, inhale and exhale to expel the uncomfortable energy. Breathing circulates negativity out of your body. Holding your breath or breathing shallowly keeps negativity stuck within you.

As you breathe, I suggest firmly repeating this mantra three times: Return to Source, return to Source, return to Source. This can command the discomfort out of your body. Your breath is the vehicle that transports it back to the universe.

Also, while saying this mantra, you can specifically breathe toxic energy out of your lumbar spine in your lower back. The spaces between the lumbar vertebrae are conducive to acting as channels for eliminating unhealthy energy. Visualize the discomfort exiting through these spaces in your spine. Declare “I release you” as it leaves your body and blends with the giant energy matrix of life.

Step away from what’s disturbing you

Move at least twenty feet from the suspected source. See if you feel relief. Don’t worry about offending strangers. In a doctor’s office, movie, or other public place, don’t hesitate to change seats. If you’re sitting next to a noisy group in a restaurant, you don’t have to stay there and feel uncomfortable. Feel free to move to a more peaceful table. It’s fine to lovingly say “No” to certain energies. Giving yourself permission to move is an act of self-care. Empaths often find themselves in overwhelming social situations. If that happens to you, be sure to take breaks to replenish yourself. Then, if you want to return to the gathering you can be in a more serene place.

Limit physical contact. Hugs are a choice!

Energy transfers through the eyes and touch. If you’re uncomfortable with someone, limit eye contact and touch, including hugs and hand-holding. Though hugging a loved one in distress often benefits you both, if you are wary of taking on their stress, make the hug short. You can keep sending them love from a distance. You have a choice about the kind of physical contact you participate in.

Detox in water

A quick way to dissolve stress and empathic pains is to immerse yourself in water. Empaths love water! Epsom salt baths are divine and also provide magnesium, which is calming.

You might want to add a little lavender essential oil to your bath—it is calming after a long day. The perfect empath getaway is soaking in natural mineral springs that purify all that ails you.

Set limits and boundaries

There’s no way around it. To survive and thrive, you need to set limits with people. If someone is draining, please don’t let yourself be a doormat. Control how much time you spend listening to the person. “No” is a complete sentence! It’s okay to tell someone, “I’m sorry, I’m not up for that,” or “Let’s discuss this when you’re calmer. I can’t tolerate yelling,” or “I need to meditate and be quiet right now,” or “I can’t talk more than a few minutes unless you want to discuss solutions.” Sometimes changing communication patterns with friends is a retraining process, but being consistent with setting kind but firm limits will protect you from energy vampires.

Create alone time to regroup

Empaths need alone time to reconnect with their power. If you’ve picked up unwanted energy, be sure to take some alone time to center yourself. For a few minutes or more, quiet everything. No noise, bright lights, phone calls, texts, emails, internet, television, or conversations. It’s sometimes important to just feel your own energy without anyone else around. You are being your own best friend, which is a way to nurture yourself. By decreasing external stimulation, it’s also easier to clear negativity.

Spend time in nature and practice ‘Earthing’

Empaths love nature and feel at ease there. Being in a fresh, clean, green environment or around water clears negativity. The Earth emanates healing. Try lying in a meadow and soaking up its energy in your entire body. This feels sublime! Earthing means going barefoot and feeling the earth’s power through your feet. To shed other people’s energies, feel the grass between your bare toes, walk in the sand or the soil. Sense the nurturing medicine of the earth coming through your feet to ground you—a beautiful experience.

Take breaks from being online

You need regular time-out from technology that inundates you with too much information. Online media that triggers your emotions—such as Facebook groups, Instagram, violent news feeds—can impair your ability to fall asleep. It’s easy to pick up energy in the virtual world, so make sure you spend time in nature, meditating, or participating in other off-line activities that restore you. A complete technology fast once in a while will do wonders for your sense of well-being.

The Layers of the Aura

The human energy field is the manifestation of this universal energy in and around the human body. Its outer boundary can be described as a luminous egg-shaped cocoon surrounding the physical body. This energy field is constantly moving, ebbing and flowing, expanding and contracting and changing in intensity. Throughout history, the knowledge of this universal energy present in all of nature and surrounding the human form as what we sometimes call the aura, has been recognized and illustrated by many traditions.

In scientific terms, human beings can be seen as networks of complex energy fields. These energy fields or auras consist of layers, known as subtle bodies which resonate at higher vibrations than the physical body. These systems are superimposed on one another in the same space. Together they play a part in the total functioning of the human being. Healers understand that the aura holds the key to a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

Although many systems have been created over time, we generally refer to seven layers and these are defined by location, colour, density, form and function. These seven layers are grouped into three Planes, The Physical Plane, the Astral Plane and the Spiritual Plane. It is important to remember that because of the differing intrinsic frequencies, physical and etheric matter can co-exist harmoniously within the same space; just as radio and TV waves can exist in the same space without interference.

Each individual person has an aura unique to themselves, in intensity, size, colour and vibration.

This field of electromagnetic energy, also known as the Biofield can be felt and sometimes seen by people who are highly sensitive to different energies. They may even be able to see or feel each layer separately.

The Energetic Layers

Etheric Body (Physical)

This can be viewed as the state between energy and matter and consists of tiny energy lines similar to the line on a television screen

The following aspects characterise this layer:

  • It has the same structure as the physical body including all anatomical parts and organs

  • This vital energy field forms the blue print for the physical matter of the body tissues

  • Colour varies from light blue to grey

  • It extends from one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body and pulsates at 15-20 cycles per minute

Emotional Body

This is associated with feelings and follows the outline of the physical body but does not duplicate it.

  • The following aspects characterize this layer:

  • It tends to be coloured clouds of a fine substance in continual motion

  • It extends one to three inches but also penetrates the physical body

  • Chakras are associated with various colours

  • Colours of this layer vary from bright clear colours to dark subdued colours

Mental Body

The mental body extends beyond the emotional body and is associated with thoughts and mental processes.

The following aspects characterize this layer:

  • It appears as a bright yellow light/aura around the head and shoulders

  • It extends three to eight inches from the body

  • This becomes bright when the person is engaged in mental processes

  • Thoughts can be observed as blobs of colour with other colour superimposed

  • This tends to be the emotional feelings associated with these thoughts.

Astral Body

This has no fixed shape. It is composed of clouds of colour similar to that of the emotional layer

  • A rose pink colour tends to dominate

  • This layer extends from six inches (15cm) to a foot (30cm) from the body

  • This layer is the bridging plane between the lower three auric layers and the upper three spiritual layers

  • The energy transformer between the two general levels is the heart chakra.

Etheric Body

This subtle layer is further removed from the first layer and contains the etheric template blueprint for the physical body.

  • It extends from one and a half (45cm) to two feet (60cm) from the body

  • This layer has an oval shape and contains all the chakras, body organs and body form in negative, like the negative of a photograph.

Celestial Body

This is referred to as the emotional level of the spiritual plane

It extends about two (60cm) to two and three quarter feet (85cm) from the body

  • This is where spiritual ecstasy is experienced

  • This is the experience level of unconditional love in that the heart chakra is connected through all the layers

  • The Celestial body appears as a shimmering opalescent light

  • There is no body shape, but light radiates from the body like a glow around a candle.

Ketheric Template (Casual Body)

  • This extends from two and a half (75cm) to three and a half feet (105cm) from the body

  • The outer form is an egg shape of the subtle bodies and is strong and resilient

  • Its colour is gold and it contains structure of the physical body and all the chakras

  • The vibrations are at an extremely high rate.

We are not just a physical body, but a complex integrated set of subtle energy fields, all vibrating at different rates. These subtle layers extend beyond the physical and create a force field of energy and luminous colours.

What is the Auric Shield?

The aura is the electromagnetic field that is generated by all living things. It is the natural force field that surrounds each one of us and is recognized in Yoga as the Eighth Chakra.

Research in electrophysics has shown that all matter, including our physical bodies, has an electric charge. Since our bodies are not static, the quality of our auric energy can change, depending on our mental, physical and emotional states. As you begin to integrate all the chakras, you can harness the power of your aura: its ability to project and protect.

Why you should strengthen it

The strength and size of your aura can vary. At its strongest, it can expand and measure up to 6 feet from you. To picture what this might look like, imagine looking down on yourself from above, outside your physical body. Keeping this view, it appears you are surrounded by a circular, radiant white light.

The auric shield is often referred to as being your own circumvent force. When this energy force is bright and strong, it automatically filters negative influences from your environment and projects your true self outwards.

You may notice that you feel more confident, healthier and vibrant. When your aura is weak, you can be more vulnerable to the things around you—negative attitudes, emotions, germs, and feel dimmed or that you lack self-trust.

A powerful aura amplifies the effects of all the other chakras, whilst being an energy source in its own right. By connecting with all eight chakras and channeling them as one, you are able to focus the flows of universal energy more fully. You can attract positive energies and even feel that you can affect the universal forces themselves with just your presence.

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